About Merry Go Round DJs

jon-davisI have direct contact to over 25 other area DJs that all work together to maintain the professional standards we have set as an organization. The equipment I use is first-rate state-of-the-art and the sound is exceptional.

With Merry Go Round DJs, you get what's important to you: professional, reliable and generally conservative entertaining mobile DJ services.

I'm a one man show so what you see is what you can expect. I will work with you personally to ensure your party is a success. In comparison to other DJ operations, mine is much smaller. Even so, the standards are just as high.

The bottom line is if you book your party with me, you will have peace of mind, a low-cost outlay, and a selection of music for the event that I promise you will love. It comes down to the core theme in my business:

Everyone remembers the music.

JMDJs is now Merry Go Round DJs

Although everyone remembers the music, it turns out that not everyone remembers the company name. With our new name, our goal is to impart a sense of fun & merriment. Merry Go Round DJs. Easy to say, easy to remember.old-logo

Featured Testimonial

"Thank you so much for the AWESOME job you did at our wedding. We had the best time and our friends and family keep saying it's the most fun wedding they've ever been to. We really believe it was because the music was perfect and people kept saying, "Oh my god I love this song, I can't sit down now." We couldn't have been happier. Did you happen to catch the pool party that happened after? We were all in the pool in our wedding clothes. Including me in my dress! It was awesome."
Heather and Dan